Our History

Orrs Baptist Church was organized January 27, 1918 with 20 members. Before there was a building for the people, they gathered at Mrs. Emma Meador’s home to listen to the traveling preacher on the front porch or in the shade under the tree. At some point they started gathering in the building that had been previously used by the Presbyterians. In November 1918 Orrs Baptist Church bought the little Presbyterian Church near Orrs Station and two acres of land.

In 1926 Orrs Church purchased one acre of land located on the corner of Highway 9 and Old Richburg Road and sold the land near Orrs Station. The little church at Orrs Station was disassembled to be used as framework for the new church. This building still exists and is referred to as the Chapel, affectionately called “the little church”.

While waiting for the new church to be built, the members met in the Ford School building. The members worked together to build their new church breaking ground in November 1926. The first preaching service in the new church was held on February 13, 1927 with 64 members. By 1946 church membership was up to 171 people.

Twenty three years later, in 1949, the members decided to build an even larger church and only 8 feet from the previous one. Both buildings are still located on the one acre bought in in 1926. The new church was finished and the first preaching service was held Easter Sunday, April 9, 1950.

In January 1953 the members decided that the church needed a full time pastor and a pastorium should be built. An acre of land was donated just east of the church for the pastorium and trees were donated to make lumber for the house.

Another acre of land was given in 1964. In 1966 the church decided to purchase three more acres. In 1974 another acre was given to the church on the Chester side of the property. In 2001 in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay a picnic shelter was erected. Orrs Baptist Church and the Pastorium now set on seven acres.

After the traveling preacher days on Mrs. Meador’s porch Rev. J.E. Jones served as Moderator and later was called as pastor. In 1919 Rev. Lee McBride served as pastor for a year. In 1920 Rev. J.R. Moore served for two years. Rev. W.F. Sinclair served until 1923. Rev. G.W. Garvin then pastored until January 1925. He was followed by Rev. Robinson, Rev. McKittrick, Rev. A.L. Willis (until 1928), Rev. R.A. Thompson (until 1931), Rev. E.R. Davis (until late 1934), Rev. J. T. Sanders (until 1936), Rev. B.P. Lanier, Rev. Leon G. Lowder (started 1944), Rev. W. L. Mays (1950).

The first full time pastor at Orrs was Rev. Johnny M. Hegler April 1, 1953 (until Aug 1954). Rev. Rufus O. Johnson (for 20 years) was the longest serving pastor at Orrs Baptist Church. Followed by Rev. Ray Faile (1975-1990), Rev. Paul Lockleir (1990-1995), Rev. Joe Walker (1 ½ years), Rev. Curtis Marshall (1999). Our current pastor is Rev. Randall Runion (2008-present).

You are invited to visit us and feel the love in the walls and hearts of the people of Orrs Baptist Church standing strong for 100 years come January 2018. As our history is precious, more so is our Savior Jesus Christ the Lord!